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Symposia in lieu of Conference 2014: Announcement.

Santiago, August 26th 2014

Dear Tesolers, this year we will not have a conference, there have been too many events held by different institutions that make another one a bit too much. Therefore, the offer has been changed to symposia held in Santiago and regions in the North and South of Chile. We are thinking of topics to challenge you, giving you more information as eye-openers and making us reflect about our classroom practices and about how to help our students learn more efficiently. The first one has been already held and it dealt with the INICIA Inglés test. We are planning a second symposium on “Mentoring” with Angie Malderez and Beatrice Ávalos at Universidad Alberto Hurtado for November, date to be informed.
We are open to suggestions of topics, so feel free to write to tesolchile (at) or use our contact form. We already have one university who wants to host a symposium, Universidad Arturo Prat in Iquique. So if you want to offer a specific topic and your campus as a venue, please let us know.

TESOL Chile Board

INICIA: Opportunities and Challenges

The event was hosted by TESOLCHILE at Universidad Alberto Hurtado August 1 2014.

The guests were Beatrice Ávalos, Premio Nacional de Educación and Pablo Silva, MA in Assessment, University of Lancaster UK, who discussed the pros and the cons of having INICIA test for newly qualified English teachers this year.

Pictures of our event on Facebook

Fundamentals on Language Assessment (2011)
Christine Coombe, Peter Davidson & Konrad Cedro

Fundamentals on Language Assessment 

  • Universidad Alberto Hurtado: August 23rd, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm
    Target audience: school teachers and final year undergraduate students.

(please note that the UMCE event has been cancelled; we welcome you all at Universidad Alberto Hurtado)

  • Conference Description
    “The Fundamentals of Language Assessment” focuses on the principles of test design, construction, administration and analysis that underpin good testing practice, but this workshop presupposes no prior knowledge of testing or statistics.  Participants will be provided with the essential theoretical and practical background that they need to construct and analyze their own tests or to evaluate other tests.During this workshop, each of the following topics will be covered in a brief presentation immediately followed by practice in small groups. Participants will receive materials which they will actively explore during the workshop and later take away to guide them when they apply their new skills.  Topics to be covered include:*   the cornerstones of testing
    *   test types
    *   drafting test specifications
    *   writing objective test items
    *  testing the skills areas
    *  utilizing a variety of innovative and appropriate testing formatsIt is hoped that attendees will leave the workshop equipped with a heightened awareness of current testing issues and the means to put them into practice.
  • FEES

    • Teachers: $5000
    • Undergraduate students: $2000Registration at the door on the day of the conference. Important: we can only accept cash payment. No cheques or electronic transfers.

Register by Email!

Please send an email indicating: your full name / school / contact number / preferred email:

UAH: School Teachers

Registration –

Location Addresses

UAH: Erasmo Escala 1822. Auditorium.
Metro Los Heroes. Santiago Centro 

English Teachers + Leadership = Agents of Change

English Teachers + Leadership = Agents of Change

English Teachers + Leadership = Agents of Change

Universidad Austral, Valdivia
Sept 30th – Oct 2nd

At this year’s conference, our main objective is to reflect on the role of the EFL teacher as a leader. As agents of change, we are constantly shaping the minds and ideas of our students. Therefore, we can have a profound influence on our students’ lives and in the country we live in.  What does it mean to be a TEFL leader? How do EFL teachers promote change in the classroom and beyond? How do EFL teachers empower their students and make a difference in their classrooms and ultimately in our own society?

More information at

9th Southern Cone TESOL | July

18th,19th and 20th |Curitiba, Brazil

The U.S. Embassy in Santiago – Chile offered a grant to attend and present at this event to TESOL practitioners who have never presented internationally, and have presented no more than twice nationally. We thank you for all your proposals. The winner was Gerardo Ñancupán whose workshop is “Friends”: Pronunciation through web technology, fun and culture.We wish him all the best!The presenter will begin by showing sample clips and modeling how to analyze them in terms of the different areas of pronunciation, areas such as fluency, pronunciation of third person singular or intonation. After viewing the clips, the presenter will introduce the web tool “Voicethread”. The presenter will show how to upload short video clips from Friends onto the website for students to practice by listening and leaving voice messages. Then the participants will form groups, analyze one extra video clip from the sitcom, and discuss the different types of activities that could be carried out concerning one or two pronunciation topics. Groups will be asked to share their ideas.Gerardo Ñancupán-Gonzalez is a teacher of English at Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique. He has been working in the University’s Bilingual Program since 2003. He has studies in Phonetics from UCL, London, UK (2005-2006). Currently he works as a teacher of English Phonetics in the English Teaching Program, at UNAP, Iquique.

Global SpellEvent 2011: We’ve got a winner!

Oscar Rosas Stange from Santa María de Maipú won the spell event!

Spell Event Winner

Oscar Rosas from Santa Maria de Maipu School.

More on this news follows:

Franklin, in collaboration with TESOL International and TESOL Chile,  organized the Global Spell Event for learners of English as a foreign language. Franklin Global SpellEvent has gathered 15 countries and organized this competition into two phases:

Phase 1: Each country runs the spell event and selects one winner
Phase 2: Winners from each country meet in New York City, August 2011 for the world event. The winners will receive a scholarship amounting to US$10,000.

Chilean Participants (total of 50 students):
1. Colegio San Francisco Javier de Huechuraba
2. Colegio Inglés Saint John de Rancagua vulnerabilidad social.
3. Colegio Santa Maria de Maipú condición de vulnerabilidad social.
4. Colegio Los Nogales de Puente Alto
5. Complejo Educacional Alberto Widmer de Maipú social.
6. Liceo Internado Nacional Barros Arana de Santiago
7. Liceo Bicentenario de Excelencia Cordillera de San Felipe
8. Escuela 137 República Alemania Federal de La Cisterna
9. Colegio Del Valle de Maipú

Thanks & congratulations to all participants!