About Us

Our History 

In April 2004, a group of teachers and professors decided that, with renewed emphasis on the teaching of English in Chile, it was time to bring TESOL to Chile.

A dedicated committee consulted other organizations and teachers from Chilean universities and public schools to find out how the organization could best serve the teaching community of Chile.

TESOL CHILE became active in 2004 with its first national conference in August and its first international conference in December.

TESOL Chile became an official affiliate of TESOL international in 2005. Since its beginning, the organization has actively sought ways to unite English teachers in Chile and to foster professional development.


Our conferences

2004 – UMCE: Choice, challenge and reality

2005 – Universidad de Concepción: The Open Road to Professionalism: Non-native Teachers. Reaching Greater Heights

2006 – Universidad Alberto Hurtado: Changing our ways: Making classroom innovation and assessment count

2007 – Universidad de La Serena: Winds of Change

2008 – Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez: Reflective Teaching for Better EFL Learning

2009 – Universidad Alberto Hurtado – Southern Cone TESOL: Critical teaching for critical times

2010 – IATEFL TESOL – Universidad San Sebastián: Communication, Culture, & Community

2011 – Universidad Austral de Valdivia: “English teachers + leadership = Agents of Change”

2012 – UMCE: ELT: Global Citizenship For a Fair World

2013 – Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique – August 30th and 31st: HEADING NORTH WITH TEFL IN CHILE 



This is a legal & foundational document which informs TESOLChile actions and initiatives.Please download here.



President – Mary Jane Abrahams, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago de Chile

Secretary – Marcela Quintana, Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique.

Treasurer – Salomé Villa, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago de Chile

Director – Paula Rebolledo, PIAP-Mineduc  and Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago de Chile