TESOL CHILE 2013: Heading North with TEFL in Chile



Dear TESOLers,

We are pleased to announce that our 2013 TESOL Chile conference “Heading North with TEFL in Chile” will be held in Iquique (Universidad Arturo Prat) on August  30th and 31st.

Thanks to TESOL International, our keynote speaker is Rosa Aronson, current Executive Director of TESOL International Association.

More about Rosa Aronson:

Rosa Aronson


A former Fulbright exchange teacher, Dr. Aronson started her education career as an English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher in France. She holds an MA in English Linguistics from the University of Aix-en-Provence, France, and a PhD in Social Foundations of Education from

the University of Virginia, in the United States. Dr. Aronson earned the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation from the American Society of Association Executives. She is the author of At Risk Students Defy the Odds, published by Scarecrow Press in 2001.

Dr. Aronson brings to TESOL 24 years of experience in nonprofit association management with the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), headquartered in Reston, Virginia, USA. Her experience at NASSP includes advocacy, policy development, educational initiatives, standards, grant development, research, and program management. Dr. Aronson’s most recent executive-level position with that association was as Senior Director for Advocacy, Alliances and Student Programs.



Leadership in TESOL: Finding our True North

As English continues its trajectory of becoming the prevailing language of business, science, diplomacy, and education worldwide, it is increasingly important for TESOL professionals to sharpen their leadership skills and exercise leadership to ensure that English Language Learners actually benefit academically, socially and culturally from this global trend.  In her presentation, TESOL International Association executive director, Rosa Aronson, will discuss three aspects of leadership that will keep us focused on our true North.


Submit your paper !- NEW Deadline:May 13th (midnight) JUNE 7th (midnight) CALL FOR PAPERS IS OVER!!

Conference fees (In Chilean Pesos)

- Early bird (until July 31st): Teachers/Presenters – $17.000 / students – $5.000 (with valid student card or enrollment certificate)

- As of August 1st and on-site: Presenters – $17.000 / Teachers – $25.000 / Students – $8.000 (with valid student card or enrollment certificate)

- Renewing TESOL Chile members (You either attended our 2012 conference at UMCE or subscribed later): $17.000




Thanks to ETS, the U.S. Embassy RELO Office and Education USA, we are very pleased to offer the Propell® Workshop for the TOEFL iBT®

This will be held on Thursday, August 29th – FULL DAY at Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique

The Propell Workshop will take place in the Oscar Hahn Auditorium (8am to 12) and in room B7 (Inte) in the afternoon (15 to 19)



More information:  Propell Workshop for the TOEFL iBT Test


Conference registrationRegister-Button

All attendees are strongly recommended to register online; this is a great time and money saver! Register today.

Purchase the conference admission in advance by electronic bank transfer or by traditional deposit at Banco Estado.

All transfers/deposits should be made to the following account:

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, A.G.
Bank: Banco Estado
Número de Cuenta / Checking account number: 00169434662
RUT / ID Number: 65.597.500- 4

Send deposit receipt to confirm registration to tesolchile@gmail.com 

Pre-registration will only be valid if conference fee has been paid and confirmed by TESOL Chile.

              Are you looking for a place to stay?

             Check our recommended hotels and B&Bs here

Would you like to know where your hotel is? Click here 

Check this useful Facebook group with information on transport and accomodation .


Conference program

Download our conference program HERE  (updated Aug 24th)


Letter for heads of department / headmasters

Do you need permission from your school? Download a letter which contains all relevant information for your employer (in Spanish)



We deeply thank your loyal sponsors:










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    1. Paola Puerto says:

      I would like to know if there is a financial support for people from other countries that are really interested in participating in this event.
      my name is Paola Puerto I am currently studying Master in Foreign Language Teaching at Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia in Colombia.

      • admin-tesolchile says:

        Dear Paola,
        We currently don’t have any system to support people from abroad to come to our conference. If something comes up, we will be announcing it here.
        TESOL Chile

    2. Mahalia says:

      Actually beloved this

    3. Francisco says:

      I recently submitted all my information for the conference. I´m an English Teacher from the neighbour city, Arica. I chose the “at the door” alternative of payment. So, I just present myself at the entrance and pay right? Thank you.

      • admin-tesolchile says:

        Exactly. The only thing to take into account is that you will have to pay full price instead of the early bird one.
        TESOL Chile

    4. Sergio says:

      I have submitted my information to the conference and I want to pay by electronic transfer, but I need the kind of account please (Cuenta corriente, cuenta vista, etc.) because my bank website ask me for that information.
      Thanks in advance.

    5. Lorena Díaz says:

      Hello! I’m trying to pay the conference fee by electronic bank transfer and the page tells me that the account number does not exist. I have already triple checked the number and it still doesn’t work. The options of the account are “cuenta corriente”, “chequera electronica”, cuenta rut”, “cuenta de ahorro”. I used teh option “cuenta corriente” Please Help!! I already submited my paper, is there any deadline to pay the fee (apart from July 31st)??


    6. Estela says:

      I sent my proposal, but I don’t know if I wrote correctly my e-mail, I’d like to know if send a notification when you receive the mail.
      please let me know. I’m worried about this.

    7. Bonnie says:


      Will you notifiy proposal that were not accepted? I haven’t received any sort of notification.


    8. LUZ MARY QUINTERO says:

      Good morning!

      I sent a proposal last June 7 but I’m not sure if you received it successfully. I would be very pleased if you could reply and let me know the current status of my proposal.

      Thanks a lot!

      Luz Mary

    9. Nicol Guarda says:

      Hello! I am a student and I am going to present on the conference. Do I have to pay the presenter’s fee or the student’s fee?
      thank you!

    10. Murat says:

      Hello , I got a notification that my paper was accepted. I wonder how much I have to pay conference fee as a participant from Turkey.

      Thank you..

      • admin-tesolchile says:

        You will have to pay $17.000 Chilean pesos. You can pay at the door as we currently don’t have an online payment site.
        Thank you!

    11. Rajkumar Chauhan says:

      Dear Sir/Madam

      I am very much interested to attain in TESOL CHILE 2013: Heading North with TEFL in Chile from Nepal is it possible to attain please let me know ?

      I am happy to send register fees by via bank transfer.

      All the Best
      rajkumar Chauhan
      Managing director
      International Academy of Management & business

    12. Heber says:

      Hi there! I’m from Temuco, Araucania Region and I’d like to know if there is any TESOL office nearby. I can’t go to Iquique but I’d really want to contact TESOL in here if possible.

      • admin-tesolchile says:

        Dear Heber,
        Unfortunately, there aren’t physical offices of TESOL Chile. Board members are in Santiago, and the conference organization is split between Iquique and Santiago. If you need to get in touch with us, please do it via email.
        Thank you!

    13. Rosangela Duarte says:

      I´m very interested in attending the conference but how can I transfer the money from Brazil. Also I´ll need a place to stay where can I get all the information, Also who´s going to present the workshops as well as the lectures?

      • admin-tesolchile says:

        Hi Rosangela,
        We currently don’t have an online payment site, so you need to pay on site. We will be soon posting the program on the website.
        TESOL Chile

    14. Monica Stein says:

      My paper has been accepted for the next conference. I live in Montevideo Uruguay and I was wondering if you could make arrangements for me there in Iquique. I have no idea where to stay. Have you made any arrangements as fas as accommodation goes for the people who will atted the conference but live far?
      Please tell me what I should do.
      Thanks in advance,
      Monica Stein

      • admin-tesolchile says:

        Dear Mónica,
        We have posted a link with hotels and the maps with the distances from the venue. The closest hotel is Diego de Almagro. If you email them, they’ll confirm via email in a couple of minutes.
        Please, have a look at the links and let us know if you have any problems.
        Thank you!

    15. Murat Demirekin says:

      Hello I have already written you twice to tell that I need an acceptance letter so that I can get a permission and payment from my university..

      Could you send it to my e mailadress urgently

      Best Regards

    16. admin-tesolchile says:

      Dear Bonnie,
      We are seeing to your paper and will get back to you asap.
      TESOL Chile

    17. claudia Boniche says:

      Hello Tesol Chile: I would like to attend Tesol Chile in Iquique but I need to convince my principal first to let me go. I was looking for the conference program but I haven’t found them on the site. Please can you give me more information about it?

    18. Francisco says:

      Good morning. I plan to do the transfer tomorrow. Can I be considered in the early bid? Will you give a certificate of attendance after the conference?

      Best regards!

      • admin-tesolchile says:

        Dear Francisco,
        There will be a certificate of attendance sent via email to all participants.
        TESOL Chile

    19. Camila Rivero says:


      We are a group of 4 students who will attend the conference. However, we have some questions. We are going to pay the students fee, and we want to know, if we made the bank transfer, when we should show the enrollement certificate or student card? Should we send it via e-mail, or should we show it the day of the event? And if we pay on August, 1st, is there any chance that we can not enter to the event, because of limited capacity?

      Best Regards

      Camila Rivero

      • admin-tesolchile says:

        Dear Camila,
        Just scan your student ID and will be fine.
        There isn’t a capacity limit. We are waiting for a large attendance!

    20. Lucía says:

      Can you tell me which one is the university address? I got three different locations on the web: Arturo Prat Chacón 2120, Peato Baquedano 1335, Calle Zegers 150,

    21. pedro gajardo says:

      Necesito saber hora de término de conferencia el día sábado 31 agosto para programar viaje.

    22. Nicole says:


      I`m gonna attend the conference this year, and I remember I paid a fee to be a tesol member last year due to a scholarship process. I was wondering how could I know wheter I`m still a tesol member or not.
      Thank you in advance,


      I would like to know when you will upload the program. I am from Colombia and I am rady to travel there. I registered as presenter.

    24. luis alcota says:

      where can I find the program ??

    25. Elias says:

      I recently registered online, Can I transfer the conference fee yet? Or Am I out of date? thanks

    26. Eduardoivan Gutierrez says:

      Hi there, I want to deposit today. How much do I need to pay?

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