Conference 2018

Connecting Language Teaching and Language Assessment:
Laying the Groundwork for Language Assessment in Latin America



When: November 16th & 17th, 2018.

Where: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Campus Sausalito.



  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION by November 10th: 25.000 CLP




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Claudia Harsch add

Claudia Harsch is a professor at the University of Bremen, specialising in language learning, teaching and assessment. She has worked in Germany and in the UK, and is active in teacher training worldwide. Her research interests focus on language assessment, educational evaluation and measurement, intercultural communication, and the implementation of the Common European Framework (CEF). In her research, she explores aspects like the conceptualisation of intercultural and communicative competences and feasible ways to foster and assess these skills, alternative assessment approaches such as dynamic assessment, qualitative methods of constructing language tests and teaching material, the development and validation of tools for educational evaluation, or the assessment of writing skills. Claudia is the current president of the European Association of Language Testing and Assessment.

Katharina Glas

Katharina Glas studied English, Spanish, and Education Studies in Germany and England, and holds a Ph.D. in English Language Pedagogy from Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany. She settled in Chile in 2005, and has taught English and Language Pedagogy at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso since 2008, where she served as School Practice Coordinator from 2010 to 2012, and as Head of the English Teaching Programme from 2016 to 2017. There, she also supervises pre-service teachers' action research projects. She has authored several papers and a book on learner motivation, teacher cognitions, and (inter)cultural contents for ELT. Her research interests also include autonomy-supportive teaching, teacher education, teacher autonomy, and teacher well-being. Currently, she is working on a project that investigates the development of novice teachers' motivational strategies for ELT.

Nicole Hansen add

Nicole Hansen is a Professor and Academic Advisor from Chile, specializing in the promotion and development of Communication, Critical Thinking and other Transversal Skills across the Educational Curriculum, at English/Spanish native, EFL and ESL contexts. Nicole studied Language and Communication as an undergraduate student at Andrés Bello University of Chile, while at the same time specializing in Public Speaking, Debate and Critical Thinking in different institutions worldwide, such as Cornell University, Oxford University, Miami University, and Vermont University, among others. As a postgraduate, she pursuit different specialization degrees in Communication, Education, and Curriculum, also developing a Masters Degree in Teaching for higher education.


Staying in Viña del Mar
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Practical Information for Participants

Viña del Mar is a city of great tourist interest, with a great offer in gastronomy and shopping. It is a few minutes away by car or public transportation from Valparaíso, which is the capital of the fifth region of Chile, world-famous for being cosmopolitan, for having one of the most important ports in South America, and for being recognized as World Heritage.

Here you can find relevant information to get to know the city better.

List of recommended hotels in Viña del Mar
Monterilla Hotel

7-minutes drive without traffic
30-minute walk from Sausalito Campus

Ankara Hotel

7-minutes drive without traffic
26-minute walk from Sausalito Campus

Western Marina del Rey Hotel

10-minutes drive without traffic
39-minute walk from Sausalito Campus

O'Higgins Hotel

8-minutes drive without traffic
27-minute walk from Sausalito Campus

Gala Hotel

8-minutes drive without traffic
35-minute walk from Sausalito Campus

Oceanic Hotel

9-minutes drive without traffic
54-minute walk from Sausalito Campus


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How to get to Viña del Mar from the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport (Santiago)
Option 1:

There are two bus lines that leave every 15 minutes from the airport; fare is USD$3 and they transfer passengers from the airport to Pajaritos subway station, where there are buses to Viña del Mar (approximately 90 minutes).

Option 2:

There is a transfer car service that can take at least two passengers to Viña del Mar. This car takes route 68 that leads to either Valparaíso or Viña del Mar. A taxi will cost somewhere in the region of USD$140 from the airport to Viña del Mar.

How to get to the María Teresa Brown de Aristía (Sausalito) Campus

The Sausalito Campus is located on Avenida El Bosque #1290 (1290 El Bosque Avenue).

Option 1:

By taxi. Around the city, there are different radio taxi services.
They can also be found at the Viña del Mar Bus Terminal (Avenida Valparaíso 1055).
Telephone number: +56 32 2752080.
Radio Taxis "Nuevo Fénix": service is available 24/7. Telephone number: +56 32 2680784.
Radio Taxis "Abacars": +56 32 2626021 / +56 9 92909783.

Option 2:

"Colectivos" are like taxis but they have fixed routes.
Colectivo (taxi) numbers 33, 31, 119, 128 and 131 go up to the campus and can be taken in downtown Viña del Mar, specifically on Calle 5 Oriente or on Alvarez Street.

Option 3:

By city bus.
Numbers 401, 402, 403, 406, 407, 410, 212, 213 and 214, can be taken on Alvarez Street and on 5 Oriente Street.
Passengers must get off on the corner of 5 Oriente and 12 Norte Street.
To get to the Campus, walk along 12 Norte Street until you reach 6 Oriente Street (on the corner there is a gas point of sale, LIPIGAS).
Then, cross the street and, turning on the first right, start climbing Los Lirios Street.
Avenida El Bosque is found by getting to the end of Los Lirios Street to the left.
A few steps away from there is the Sausalito Campus.

How to get from Valparaíso to Viña del Mar
By train

Trains run every 15 minutes from Valparaíso to Viña del Mar Link. (This link also provides a map of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar).

By city bus

There are many Valparaíso-to-Viña del Mar bus lines; for example, numbers 212, 213, 214, 215, 216, 603, 602, 606 and 610.
"Colectivos": They circulate around Valparaíso, the ones that go to Viña del Mar are numbers 86, 90, 35, 188, 142, 153 and 220.


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